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OneSeeTv is Internet TV service provider with more than 180+TV Channels, Catch-up TV,VOD, etc. OneSeeTv offer programs in a wide variety of popular Indian TV channels in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc…

You can watch your favorite program anytime, anywhere on multiple internet enabled device.

  1. How does OneSeeTv Work?
    OneSeeTv is an Internet TV service for which you would need an Internet connection, an Internet-enabled device compatible to OneSeeTv (compatible devices) and a OneSeeTv subscription of any package.
  2. What should be my Internet Speed to have a good experience while watching OneSeeTv?
    For a good experience, you should have at least 4Mbps download speed of Internet.
  3. What are the different languages does OneSeeTv offer?
    OneSeeTv offers programs in a wide variety of popular Indian TV channels in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, etc..
  4. What are the devices OneSeeTv supports?
    Once you subscribe for package, you can watch the channels online on your PC, SmartTV, Smart Phones and tablets.
    STBs: Roku, Infomir MAG
    Smart Phones: iPhone, Android based Smart phones, Windows7, Nokia
    Tablets: iPad, Android Tablets, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10
  5. How to watch Free to Air Channels?
    Please register at , for free. Once you register you can watch free channels on your PC/Laptop.
  6. What is OneSeeTv Player Plug-in?
    It is HD Optimizer which helps you to watch the channels in HQ.
  7. What are the browsers supported by OneSeeTv?
    OneSeeTv is supported on all the browsers. You can watch the channels on IE, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari..
  8. OneSeeTv used to provide free channels on our devices without any subscription, why not now?
    We would like to inform you that free users cannot watch “My Account” tab on any device unless you subscribe for the package. You need to subscribe to at least one package to watch the channels. As per the agreement with the content providers, we cannot provide you free channels on devices.
  9. Can I subscribe to single channels?
    As of now, we do not have an option to subscribe to single channel. You need to subscribe the package/packages available on the website.
  10. Are there any hidden charges?
    We are very transparent in our Business; you just need to pay for Package.There are no hidden charges.
  11. Are the channels provided in HD?
    Indian channels are still in SD so we provide channels in HQ (720 P). But we do have few channels that are provided in HD.
  12. Why do I get an Access denied message while trying to watch channels in PC?
    Access denied indicates a problem with your browser. Please try the following:
    Clear browser cookies and cache by opening your browser, then click on Tools -> Internet Options -> clear/delete cookies. Restart your computer.
  13. If I have terminated my OneSeeTv Subscription but would like to rejoin now, Can I use my previous account information?
    Yes, you can access your OneSeeTv account using the same login credentials. Only your subscription is canceled but not your OneSeeTv account.
  14. If I miss any program is there any option so that I can watch that program according to my convenience? Is there any extra charge I need to pay for this additional service of Catch-up TV?
    Catch-up TV are is meant for user’s to watch the channels at their convenient time by clicking on the respective date icon to get all the list of Catch-up TV of their favorite channels. From the past, 2 days of Catch-up TV of each & every program is stored, so that our users won`t miss the program of their choice.
    OneSeeTv does not charge extra for watching Catch-up TV as it is included in the package price.
  15. What is the procedure to watch movie online through OneSeeTv? How can I pay for that?
    Select Movies Tab on, Select the package of your choice and start watching your favorite movies
  16. Can I subscribe to two different packages at a time?
    Yes, the customer can subscribe for two packages at a time of two recurring or two Non-Recurring Packages, but not one that is recurring and other as non-recurring.
  17. What is a Non-Recurring Package?
    Non-Recurring Package means a Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly Packages for which we will be charged only once at the time of package subscription.
  18. Please mention the Email ID, for contacting, in case I am missed by any of the customer support agents for my queries on OneSeeTv Link?
    Please send an email to
  19. Do I need to install any particular antivirus to watch OneSeeTv?
    You can have any antivirus installed in your PC.
  20. If I don’t have antivirus is it safe to watch your site?
    OneSeeTv is a virus free website; this site will not harm your system.


  1. How do I subscribe to OneSeeTV?
    Please follow the steps to register with OneSeeTV.

    • Log on to
    • On the top right of the homepage, you will find a Tab called “Sign in –Sign Up”.
    • Please fill the simple registration form, with few basic details. If you agree with OneSeeTV Terms & Conditions, please click on the button “I Agree” and you would be all set to use your account.
    • Your registration was successful, but you must now confirm your email address before you can log in. Please check your email and click on the link provided. sign in using your OneSeeTV Login ID and Password, click on the tab “MY ACCOUNT” to watch free channels on your PC/Laptop
  2. Is registration in OneSeeTV Free?
    Yes, Registration in OneSeeTV is free
  3. Can I watch OneSeeTV on my computer with Windows/ Mac OS?
    Yes, you can watch the OneSeeTV channels in Windows and Mac OS. You will be asked to install OneSeeTV player plug-in for the first time which increases the quality and experience.
  4. Can I use the same OneSeeTV account on different computers at the same time?
    Yes You can access the OneSeeTV service at any location. Dual login is possible* you have to buy an additional account.
  5. Can I watch OneSeeTV on multiple devices?
    With a single subscription, you can watch only one device at a time.
  6. How do I know if I have high-speed Internet of at least 4 Mbps?
    Please visit in order to test the speed of your Internet. A minimum speed of 4 Mbps download speed would be required to watch OneSeeTV with a good experience.
  7. Is it secured to give my credit card details on the OneSeeTV website?
    All the payments processed on OneSeeTV website are through VeriSign Secured PayPal payment gateway. OneSeeTV would not store your card details; it would be kept secured with PayPal.